Serviced Offices – Why You Should Consider Them

Renting traditional office space can be a costly exercise, not to mention the long term financial commitment you’re making by signing a typical 3-5 year lease.

Serviced offices offer all of the benefits of a modern, professional workspace however provide a much more flexible solution for businesses who don’t want to tie up their capital in fitting out their own office space. Whilst the monthly cost of a typical serviced office in Brisbane may seem higher than traditional office space at first, they can make the perfect solution for businesses who desire flexibility.

Should your business fall on tough times, or you have unpredictable sales figures, a serviced office gives you the freedom to rent your office space on rolling month to month contracts. Typically, a traditional office lease runs 3-5 years which means you’ll be on the hook for the rent if your business fails.

Another attractive feature of serviced offices, is the quick set up time. Brisbane Serviced office providers, such as Corporate House allow you to be instantly operational with all internet, phone and utility connections taken care of, allowing you to focus on running your business, not battling with your internet connection.

Overall serviced offices are a great solution for small to medium sized businesses who don’t want the associated overheads, stress and commitment that comes with running their own office space.



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